How to Stay Secure When Using NatWest Credit Cards

Credit cards offer a convenient way of paying for goods and services, whether you are shopping online, on the high street, or travelling abroad. They are also generally considered to be a secure method of payment, and most card providers put systems in place to protect you against fraud. However, you still need to take a few basic steps to protect yourself and your money when using a credit card.

Keep Your Card Safe

You should always keep your card in a safe place, and do not give it to anyone else to use, even members of your immediate family. You should also avoid disclosing your PIN to anyone.

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Payday Loans and Credit Card Debt Who Is Controlling What

Where does your money go? Paycheck comes in and bill payments go out. Who is in control? Most folks would like to say that they are in charge of their money, but if they do not know where their paycheck went, that idea might just be wrong. Do you know what you use your credit cards for? Do you know how much you owe towards them? How many short-term payday loans have you used to get by throughout the last year? If you are one of the many who are living in debt, you may be in denial as to who is in charge of your income.

One of the best ways to discover where your money goes is to track your expenses. Add up all your monthly bills and expenses and subtract from your total take-home income. How much is left over? Can you account for what is missing from your wallet or back? Where are the leaks? If you don’t track down every purchase throughout the month, you may be spending money which should otherwise be set aside for payments. Some of the biggest culprits are trips to convenience stores, added trips to the grocery store; drive-thru lines as well handouts to family members. Your children’s allowance should be accounted for within the budget. Once you can get a real look at where your money goes you will be able to start plugging the leaks. .

You may have to take a reality check and make changes to some spending habits. Are there particular days of the week that money leaks faster than others? Would a grocery list help limit trips to the market as well as cut down on eating out? If you pack your lunch and snacks for road trips would you be able to pay down some of your debt instead? These changes may keep you from needing to use credit cards or online payday loan lenders when the end of the month comes around. If you think about it, omitting third party money from your monthly expense account will save you even more. You will limit how much interest you pay each month and have more of your income to use as you see fit. It is then that you will gain control of your hard earned money. Right now, your cash is being funneled into the creditors’ and lenders’ pockets. Can you see the problem now?

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Reward Points On Credit Cards A Perfect Enjoyment

Credit card companies offer varying benefits and promotions to entice their customers to use their credit cards not only in their everyday purchases but also for major buying decisions. One of the promotions that credit card companies have is the rewarding of points to their users for every purchase that they make.

Credit card holders are often enjoy reward points raining on them. Frequent festive seasons always induce the card holders to enjoy shopping with reward points. Todays customers are debt-shy and they spend like anything. They enjoy earning reward points while spending. Credit cards are heavily loaded with reward points give the opportunity to enjoy holidays at exotic locales, shop for jewellery, fashion accessories, apparel, electronic equipment, cosmetics, etc. Banks have a penchant for giving a reward with their left hand, and simultaneously charging for it with their right hand. Card holders must be aware of a host of complicated rules and regulations before letting themselves be swayed away by these so-called lucrative offers. To begin with, banks do not conform to a uniform set of reward point schedules. For instance, while in case of American Express Bank, card members receive one point for every Rs 40 charged on their credit card, ABN Amro Bank credits one point to the customer for every Rs 50 spent. Standard Chartered credits one point for every Rs 125, whereas Citibank rewards you one point for every Rs 100 spent. Private sector ICICI Bank awards you one reward point for every Rs 200 charged on their card. Also, ICICI Bank links the reward points to the slabs of amounts spent, i.e. upto Rs 75,000 or above Rs 4,00,000. The main hitch here is that redemption of reward points is only after accumulation of minimum required points of 500.

This apart, banks also follow a pattern wherein they credit varying amounts on every point earned, depending upon the card categories. Citibank rewards cardholders Re 1 for every point earned on the Citibank Platinum Card, while the Diners’ Club International and Citibank Gold cardholders receive only Rs 0.65 for every point gathered. The Citibank Silver cardholders on the other hand get Re 0.50 for every point they manage to accumulate. The difference in redemption structures also creep in, based on the outlets offering you redemption facilities.
Whereas to avail of vouchers, redeemable at Zodiac, Wrangler, Arrow or Titan, you should have accumulated a minimum of 500 points. Being a cardholder, it is mandatory to find out the cash transactions that curtail your eligibility to these programmes. Most banks restrict their customers from treating cash withdrawals, interest charges, card fees, demand drafts, service charge transactions, disputed transactions, purchase of foreign exchange, EMI transactions, travelers cheques and other insurance charges as opportunities to accumulate reward points. The rewards points can also be redeemed online by logging in to the concerned bank’s Web site and visit the “Reward Points” section on the credit card page. To web-enable the credit card, fill up the account linking form available on the site. Select the rewards catalogue for the card and accordingly, choose the products or vouchers for which an online order has to be placed. The product or the voucher is then delivered at doorstep.

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What Is The Eligibility Criteria To Obtain Student Credit Card

The need for higher education and to get an upper degree to fit in the job market increases a lot each year as well as the cost. To meet the financial demands of the college and help the students, many credit card companies have been offering credit cards specially designed for the students.

The student credit cards are design for the purpose of helping the students to cover the educational expenses when the financial help isnt enough.

A great help

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Credit card debt Relief – Some Benefits Of Credit score Counseling

Credit counseling can be of fantastic assist for these who have to shoulder a whole lot of debt. An overwhelming volume of credit card debt can make your monetary scenario troublesome and this in which you can use some guidance from a credit counselor. There are numerous varieties of debt relief selections made available by different credit counseling firms. Some solutions which will be generally accessible with all counseling companies are economic budgeting suggestions, negotiation with the creditors to restructure a new payment plan for the buyer which will be reduce than what the consumer in spending currently. As all financial debt relief process enrolling with a credit counseling support has its personal advantage and disadvantage. Right here we will be highlighting the rewards of credit score counseling and the negatives that you have to hold in brain in advance of signing up for such a plan.

Positive aspects of credit score counseling:

one. Credit: One particular of the greatest strengths of this method is that it will help the shopper to avoid bankruptcy and therefore retain a better credibility in the industry. Bankruptcy stays on the credit score report for ten decades and finding credit throughout this time period is difficult for a client.

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